Walking and Sightseeing in Nerja

Although no sightseeing Nerja tour would be complete without visiting its famous caves, there are more Nerja activities to enjoy than just these. Just 40 miles drive from Malaga Airport, this coastal town tasteful mix of the old and the new Spain.

Nerja began life as a small fishing village with sugar cane production as one of its major sources of income. Nowadays, however, tourism is its main income and sightseeing Nerja and partaking in the various Nerja activities provided for the visitor is well worth your time. Rather than being filled with high-rise hotels with which many of the other popular Spanish towns and cities have become over-populated, Nerja has strict planning regulations which doesn’t allow for such buildings.

The old town of Nerja has many attractions as has the new, but in the old town the winding streets and cobbled pathways give the visitor a notion of Nerja’s past, tastefully mixed with the new attractive boutiques and restaurants with a backdrop of the beautiful Sierra Almijara mountains. One of the more popular activities is walking the various routes to the mountains or the beaches. Guided walks are available, and for those who wish to travel faster, bicycles can also be hired to enable you to travel a bit faster.

However, to add bit of fun to your vacation why not try something different and hire a horse and carriage to take you from place to place around the town. Not only will it save your legs, but also you will be able to travel a good bit faster without needing the energy to ride a bicycle. If you want a guide, you can book onto a jeep safari which can take you up into the hills above Nerja.

This involves a half-day ride into the National Parks of the Sierras of Tejeda, Alijara and Alhama that lie above the town. In the height of summer, the national parks are closed because of the heat and fire risk, but in the colder months you can get a guided tour and discover the wide variety of wild life and an abundance of colourful flowers and plants. If you are after a more relaxing time then the beaches of Nerja are there for that topping up of the suntan or for a relaxing swim in the sea.

One of the more popular of the Nerja activities is scuba diving: there is a PADI dive centre in Nerja for the more active holidaymaker and various water sports are available on the beaches for your entertainment, such as a ride in a powerboat, windsurfing or parascending. On land you could check out horse riding, rock climbing, abseiling or quad biking and you could also go camping.

Nerja sightseeing should include a visit to the Balcon de Europa. This is a famous terrace built on top of a cliff above the Playa Calahonda in Nerja and gives fantastic views of the sea and coastline of the town including the Aljimara mountains. You will find a life-size bronze statue of King Alfonso XII on the Balcon de Europa, which is a popular spot to take your photographs. The Plaza del Carmen is just next to it and is filled with cafes and bars for a more relaxing afternoon or evening’s entertainment. Nearby is the 17th century church el Salvador Church which is a popular place for weddings.

A visit to the Nerja Caves has to be on the agenda for your holiday. These are a magnificent range of caverns with a third of them open for public viewing. Easy access stairs and walkways take you around this famous Spanish tourist attraction which is one of the more historic and artistic natural monuments in Spain and is considered to be one of the best range of caves in Europe.

When sightseeing in Nerja you can visit the local markets and sample the local produce such as the sweet wine or olive oil, honey or tropical fruits in a relaxing friendly atmosphere. Or visit the bars and restaurants to sample local food and meet the local people. Nerja locals enjoy celebrating the traditional festivals of Feria de Nerja, in October, with street parties and fairground rides. There is also Playa a Calahonda in February and on the 16th of July, the Virgin del Carmen festival takes place where a statue of the Virgin Mary is carried through the streets and is taken out to sea on a local fishing boat. Another festival in July is the Festival of Dance which takes place in the magnificent Nerja Caves.

Whatever you decide to do on your holiday whether sightseeing Nerja or participating in one or more of the exciting Nerja activities, you won’t be disappointed with the town or the local area. There is much to do and see in this warm and beautiful location with its friendly locals and great places to stay.